Google Chrome Extension: "IMDb Ratings Viewer 1.2" on actor's page

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Description: Show ratings when you open actor's page.

If you are a movie freak, a day won't pass when you won't open an actor's page and find more movies to watch. The actor's page has the list of all the movies in which he acted but for some reason IMDb doesn't show the movie ratings. I feet to lazy to open each links and watch the rating.

So, I wrote this extension to ease up the process. The ratings of movies are shown beside the names of the movies and after installing there will not be any need to open movie's link in new tab just to watch the rating.

EDIT: Now supports HTML5's localStorage to save bandwidth if an actor's page is opened second time.

Extension link:

Github link:

Video about what the extension does is included in the link above. (and below too).

Content Script:-

Author: shadyabhi (Abhijeet Rastogi)
Email: [email protected]

function addRating(url, element)
	var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
	request.onreadystatechange = function()
		if ( request.readyState == 4 ) 
			callback_addrating( request.responseText, element, request.status );    
	}; "GET", url, true );

function getMovieElements(){
	//All Movie elements are in 2 different classes (they do it for different color tones
	var ele_even = document.getElementsByClassName("filmo-row even");
	var ele_odd = document.getElementsByClassName("filmo-row odd");

	//Reoder the elements as right now, Nodelist for odd and even are separated. 
	var all_elements = new Array(ele_even.length + ele_odd.length);
	var index = 0;

	var max = ele_odd.length > ele_even.length?ele_odd:ele_even;

	for (i=0; i<max.length; i++){
		if (i < ele_odd.length) all_elements[index++] = ele_odd[i];
		if (i < ele_even.length) all_elements[index++] = ele_even[i];
	return all_elements;

function callback_addrating(serverResponse, element, status){
	var pattern=/itemprop=\"ratingValue\"\>(.*?)\</;
	var rating = null;
	var match_rating = serverResponse.match(pattern);
	if (match_rating != null) rating = match_rating[1];

	if (rating != null){
		var container = document.createElement("span");
		var rating_container = document.createElement("span");  //Did this crap to make brackets black
		rating_container.className = "in_production";   //Give it a red color to mantain consistency 
		container.appendChild(document.createTextNode(" ("));

function main(){
		//For suggestions
		var ele_knownfor = document.getElementById("knownfor");
		for (i=1; i<=7; i=i+2){ //Assumed number as 4
			var ele_moviename = ele_knownfor.childNodes[i];
			var movie_link = ele_moviename.childNodes[5].href;
			addRating(movie_link, ele_moviename.childNodes[5]);
	catch (err) {}; 
	all_elements = getMovieElements();
	for (i=0; i<all_elements.length; i++){
		var movie_link = all_elements[i].childNodes[3].childNodes[1].href;
		addRating(movie_link, all_elements[i].childNodes[3]);