Accessing individual files from a "dd backup" of a encrypted hard disk/partition

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Whenever I do something risky with my laptop like resizing partitions, I always do a full backup of the hard disk by running:

dd if=/dev/sda of=/path/to/backup/directory/image.img bs=4M

from a live archlinux USB pendrive.

Restoring from a backup like that is super easy.

dd if=/path/to/backup/directory/image.img of=/dev/sda bs=4M

Works perfectly. Every single time. Except licensing issues with Windows installation if you've a dual boot but WHO CARES!!!

In my case, one of my partitions /dev/sda5 is LUKS encrypted & if I want to access files from that partition using the .img file, things are not very straight forward but easy. For reference, this is what you'll typically do.

➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo modprobe loop
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo losetup -v /dev/loop0 ./official_laptop_backup.img
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % ls /dev/loop0*
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo partprobe /dev/loop0
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % ls /dev/loop0*
/dev/loop0  /dev/loop0p1  /dev/loop0p2  /dev/loop0p5  /dev/loop0p6  /dev/loop0p7
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo mkdir /mnt/my_encrypted_partition
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/loop0p5 encrypted_partition
Enter passphrase for /dev/loop0p5: 
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo mount /dev/mapper/encrypted_partition /mnt/my_encrypted_partition 
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:40PM] % sudo ls /mnt/my_encrypted_partition | wc -l
➜ 0 /home/shadyabhi [ 9:41PM] %